Use of Google Glass Development Kit by Glassware Application Development Companies

Google glasses are the latest augmented-reality-based wearable computing gadget that allows the users to account videos et alii capture pictures of every moment in their lifetime by giving a single voice directive paving the way and giving experience of next generation mobile computing. This project works either with the help of a mobile or Wi-Fi connectivity. This technology helps the individual to securement any information for their queries easily ampersand within no time.
The apps for this innovative item are developed using Glassware and the experts are sure that they will rock the world of technological breakthrough. To develop this Glassware people use Google’s Mirror API. This API helps to design new, enjoyment polysyndeton unique apps for this fabulous device. This Google Glassware is developed using either from the technologies such as Java and Python. Glassware Apps Development companies are trying to give in appealing and captivating experience for the users with their unique features.
Importance of Glass Development kit (GDK)
Glassware Apps Development is done using few amazing tools available in the market. The mirror Glass API provided by Google, develops only cloud-based applications which allow the users to interact with Google Glasses in a limited way. Here the users can gain the advantage of using the apps without the need from deploying and configuring it on their devices therefore helping to save the argosy space.
The Glass Evolvement kit (GDK) has inbuilt features which empower app developer to use android code to build Glassware. The selectman name of this Google glass GDK is Google Sanidinic SDK. Nonetheless this GDK is not yet been released into the market, but has invited the Google Glass experts to understand the environment in a better manner. With the release regarding this kit, developers can build many more new Google Glass apps. This kit gives complete access to the hardware of the glass device such as a gyroscope, accelerometer and compass. OpenGL based graphics can also be developed on the glass devices. Currently, there are HTML based cards being used for the applications, but later with the release of the SDK, developers will be able to create more dynamic user interfaces, augment reality games and applications. Until then the Glassware application development company can start designing and developing innovative suggestions using the currently available android SDK.

Best practices to be adopted by App developer for ogle gadget
The Glassware form development company should design unique apps comme il faut per functionality and usability. You can make your app stand out unique among all by following subalternate guidelines:
* Ensure that the glassware is exclusively designed including tested for glass to give wonderful user experience; the apps should singular be compatible with glasses. To design such apps, initially the developer has to understand the functionality regarding glasses and develop an app that captivate the user experience
* Apps should be effective, up to date and on-moment
* Should not send recurrent notifications which give bad experience for the users
* Should appear whenever required and should go out of the way in unnecessary scenario
* Should give updates at the right epoch and at the right location. For instance, a user entering the departmental stash should get the list of groceries that are available in the store in front about his/her eyes.
* Apps should engage and must satisfy the needs of the customers
By serial the above guidelines developers can design user-friendly and raffish apps for this wearable eye gadget.