Trident University International Launched New Career Advising and Development

Cypress, CA, January 30, 2014 – On November 7, 2013 Trident University International (Trident) commenced the Career Advising and Development Center. The Center will help civilian and military/veteran students et sequens alumni during whatever stage of their field development. Already over twenty employers have jibed to select Trident graduates similar new personnel utilizing the Center.

Trident is a 100% online institution, still the full-service Career Center is designed to provide support for students and alumni who are making significant career transitions. Since the Center launched, it has helped four students obtain quality positions. Since its launch, the CADS also released a LinkedIn page for pursuit discussions, advice, support, and interaction.

Career Advising and Development Center Manager Tanya White-Earnest states, “While many people have an expertise in the world of work, most do not apprehend how to effectively brand and market that expertise. The Road Advising and Development Center is ready to assist students et sequens alumni in determining their career direction and developing their personal branding and marketing to enhance their career success.”

While Trident does not guarantee job placement, the services the CADC offers get away beyond traditional “job search” efforts. The Center’s services help:

educate students also alumni on effective career pointers

enhance personal branding moreover marketing

connect students and alumni to employers, mentors and employment opportunities

provide racket exploration and development assistance

offer assessments and coaching to guide career decisions

offer career counseling with a nationally certified barrister

provide online workshops, training and support

offer neighborly media training for the job search

As Trident enters the next enrollment period, it is important to engage students from the beginning of their affiliation by Trident. Ultimately, students are seeking to improve their ability to get a job or to advance in their current position. Involvement with the Career Advising and Development Umbilical early in their educational journey contributes greatly to a student’s success both academically and in terms of gainful employment. Students or Alumni who wish to connect with the Career Advising and Development Center may do consequently by:

Phone: 714-816-0366 – X 1943 Email: Trident4Careers(at)Trident(dot)edu Online Career Support:

Employers wishing to hire Trident Grads may contact the center by: Phone: 714-816-0366 – X 1943 Email: Trident4Talent(at)Trident(dot)edu Online Career Center:

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